What to know about vetting before applying for an NACB membership

When you become a member of the NACB, you become part of a distinguished, self-governing community in U.S. cannabis that is screened, vetted and dedicated to being responsible, trustworthy and compliant.

Our compliance team takes the vetting process very seriously in order to assure the NACB's status as the cannabis industry’s symbol of integrity.

We have a rigorous, 28-point vetting process for cannabis business suppliers. We will not admit organizations if there is credible evidence of the following: 

  • Criminal convictions for crimes of dishonesty, such as fraud and tax evasion 
  • Criminal convictions for other crimes of moral turpitude, such as blackmail, kidnapping, and sexual assault 
  • Civil liability for dishonesty, such as fraud or tax evasion 
  • Misrepresentation of licensure, certification or educational history 
  • Credible complaints of dishonest business practices 
  • Knowingly providing false information in the application 

This list is non-exhaustive. The NACB has sole discretion to grant or deny each application.