Social Equity Virtual Conference

For Liberty and Justice For All
Date - Nov 16, 2020
Time - 9am - 4pm PST
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We're still encouraging folks to support the Cannabis Impact Fund, who is focusing the next 12 months of their fundraising and programming on racial justice.


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Panel Outline

I. Social Reform & Cannabis: Join the Conversation

Equality. Social Equity. Social Reform. Diversity. Tokenism. Inclusion. Social Justice. These terms are sparking headlines and heated emotions across the country, but are we always on the same wavelength when we talk about social reform or push for diversity and inclusion initiatives?  Experts on this panel will define these concepts, clarify the differences between them and talk about their importance to cannabis business owners. This panel will give you the tools to consciously create inclusion at work and in your everyday life.

II. Call to Action: Have a Voice

The cannabis industry is growing quickly, and we should expect industry regulation to catch up soon. Is your voice being heard when you sign a petition or participate in a rally? How do you know where to look for guidance or decide which groups to support? Our cannabis advocacy expert panelists will explain that you don’t need to be a lobbyist to stand up and make your voice count, even in pandemic times. Join this session to learn how to be proactive in creating change and wielding your influence. This is your call to action!

III. Cities & States Leading the U.S. Social Equity Program

Across the U.S cities and states are implementing social equity programs linked to their local cannabis industry. What is the purpose behind these programs? Who are they designed to help and why are they needed? Our expert panelists will share the goals of their social equity programs and their impact. They’ll also discuss barriers to implementation they have encountered, and ways to move beyond them effectively. If you are a cannabis business owner or future entrepreneur, you’ll want to hear more about the opportunities a local society equity program can provide to you.

IV. More Than a Checkbox: Diversity in Cannabis Workplaces

Like every business in the U.S., cannabis workplaces are subject to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules. But what happens when cannabis business owners go from nominal compliance to truly embracing workplace diversity? Is it worth it to seek out a variety of perspectives in your hiring, and go the extra mile to ensure people feel comfortable in their surroundings? What is the importance of hiring justice-impacted individuals? Find out from our expert panelists why making sure everyone in your organization has a voice can lead to unexpectedly strong positive results.

V. For Liberty and Justice for All: The Role of Corporate Ethics in Promoting Social Justice

What did America’s founding fathers hope for when they set down the principles of liberty, equality and justice for all? Could they have envisioned the America of today? Our expert panel will take us on a deep dive into the differences between compliance and the ethics of inclusion. They’ll get you thinking about your core beliefs on freedom in this country, and how we can treat all groups, including protected classes, with fairness. Expect to be engaged and challenged in this discussion. Your takeaways will be new ways of looking at cannabis business and its role in advancing social equity in our society.

VI. The Journey of Social Equity Licensees: Stories from the Front Lines

Social equity programs level the playing field for those who have been incarcerated on cannabis charges or live in neighborhoods disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs. Hear from social equity licensees about their journeys, from the struggles to the wins, and equally important, what they want to see changed. This panel is your chance to increase your understanding about the difficulties and challenges these licensees have faced and continue to face in the cannabis industry and in their everyday lives.


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