Our Services

The NACB’s combination of people and technology create a business advantage for cannabis businesses, from those just starting out to those that already have a successful business base or are exploring multi-state ventures.


Complying with existing state and local regulations is necessary for any business. Being prepared for whatever new regulations come down the pike — that’s good business. The NACB’s national standards help you manage both. Our technology team is developing a platform that will monitor your compliance with national standards and alert you to any gaps your business has in meeting them. Whether you’re an early stage business unfamiliar with the lay of the land or a well-established operation, being compliant with stringent national standards that go beyond state and local requirements equips you to rise above the regulatory fray and focus on growing your business.


The best of the best. Our experts come from the top levels of finance, public policy, technology and government. Their expertise is at your disposal. We are currently developing a variety of consulting services, including:

Access to Capital

Gain access to a curated list of venture capitalists, angel investors, and financiers.

Investor Outreach

Support to help members make effective presentations to potential investors.

Talent Acquisition

Let us help you with finding and vetting employees who can help your business grow.

Operations Management

Our experts can help you optimize your organization and enhance performance.

Leadership Coaching

Mentors and advisors devoted to helping develop and hone leadership skills.

Vetted Legal Services

Take advantage of our network of trusted attorneys who provide expert counsel.

Marketing & Communications

Tap into a team of award-winning brand, marketing and PR strategists.


All your business data, all in one secure place. Each NACB member will have a virtual data room with built-in functionality that helps organize your financial and operating records. Well-organized documents make it easier to:

  • Respond to audit requests.
  • Demonstrate compliance.
  • Establish an accurate valuation so you can get a fair price if you decide to sell.

We leveraged the most advanced encryption technology that IBM offers so your documents are protected by multi-level authentication that ensures only you will have access to them. Your data room makes transparency possible. It demonstrates your commitment to ethical business practices. It’s a tool that will open doors to business opportunity and signal legitimacy to regulators.