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Cannabis Arrests: Social Equity in Major Disproportionately Impacted Areas
March 2, 2021
The legal cannabis industry has experienced unprecedented growth within the past decade, bringing with it many consequences (both positive and negative) for the industry itself and the communities directly affected by decades of harmful policy and unfair arrests.
Product Liability for Cannabis Dispensaries
February 26, 2021
Product liability insurance is an important, yet often-overlooked insurance coverage for cannabis dispensaries. I’ve talked to a number of business owners who did not initially worry about product liability because they were “just reselling a brand’s product.” This kind of thinking isn’t just wrong, it could be really disastrous for a dispensary business if they ever get dragged into a lawsuit (defense costs are exorbitant in today’s environment). 
"The War on Drugs" & Cannabis
January 28, 2021
Here at NACB, we believe that social equity is crucial in order to create and maintain a fair legal cannabis market in the United States, for all citizens. The purpose of our organization, and blogs such as this one, is to provide context and information in hopes of furthering the conversation- and eventually making real progress within our communities and our world at large.
Social Equity Check: Cannabis Record Expungement Programs in Legal States
November 25, 2020
A healthy industry is one that values and promotes social equity alongside the ideals of ethics and business responsibility. Let's assess the progress specific legal states have made in efforts to right some of the wrongs caused by unfair conviction.
Cannabis History: The Impact of Prohibition
November 10, 2020
The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) was founded in order to advance the industry by establishing agreed-upon standards in best practices and business responsibility. As our industry rapidly expands, the purpose of the NACB is to give a voice to current and prospective cannabis businesses, helping them thrive and ensuring they stay on the right track.