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2 Years Later: Assessing Recreational Marijuana in Illinois
January 12, 2022
With public support increasing each year, the pace of marijuana reform in the United States continues to pick up speed. However, even though legal cannabis is surely picking up steam, taking a look back at states that have fully implemented and carried out functional cannabis programs is vital for the industry’s further success.
A Closer Look at New York State's Adult-Use Cannabis Program
December 1, 2021
Recently, New York legalized adult-use cannabis within the state. The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA), enacted March 31st, 2021, and sponsored by Senator Liz Krueger, will establish a new office to oversee the decriminalization and regulation of adult-use marijuana. 
Yet to Legalize | Looking at Proposed Cannabis Programs in Non-Legal States
November 3, 2021
Marijuana reform has made strong advancements in several state legislatures this year. Chief among them, New York State enacted recreational legalization in March, while Governor Ned Lamont in neighboring Connecticut signed legislation this past June. Virginia in the southeast and Montana, over 2,000 miles to the west, recently passed legalization that could begin the taxation and regulation of adult-use cannabis as soon as next year. 
Proponents of Federal Cannabis Legalization
September 30, 2021
Since the introduction of the marijuana legalization bill, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has solidified himself as the figurehead of the federal cannabis legalization movement, but he's far from the only advocate pushing for reform. 
The Cannabis Industry’s Massive Under Insurance Gap and Need for Core Coverages
August 30, 2021
According to a new Reuters article regarding the overwhelming need for insurance in the cannabis industry, “the industry only wrote about $250 million in policies last year."
Looking at Connecticut's Recently Legalized Adult-Use Cannabis Program
August 26, 2021
Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont recently signed legislation that legalizes and aims to safely regulate adult-use of cannabis in the state.
U.S. Senate Democrats Unveil Proposal to Legalize Cannabis at the Federal Level
July 26, 2021
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY), along with Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Cory Booker (D-NJ), circulated their long-promised marijuana legalization draft several weeks ago, on July 14. 
Our Hopes for Social Equity in the United States
July 2, 2021
As we get set to enter the July 4th holiday weekend, it is important to remember that social equity for 'all' must include everyone, for that is the only way this country can function as a democracy.
Legal Cannabis & Individual States: Tracking All That Tax Revenue
June 23, 2021
As we move further into this new era of legalized cannabis in the United States, it's important to pay attention to the growing amount of data that is being collected.
The Growing Risk of Product Contamination in Cannabis Manufacturing
June 15, 2021
At any point during the growing, harvesting, storing or packaging process, cannabis products can be subject to various sources of contamination.
Highlighting Minority-Owned Cannabis Companies & Entrepreneurs
May 20, 2021
Here at NACB, we're deeply committed to shining a light on social equity, and supporting the advocates and activists that are working the frontlines to make the legal cannabis sphere a fair and balanced industry.
Federal Legislation Update
May 11, 2021
Take a closer look at major pieces of legislation now that we’re almost four months into the new year.
Here’s What Your Cannabis Business Needs to Know about Product Tampering
May 19, 2021
Regardless of the cannabis industry segment you operate in, product tampering is a critical risk exposure that can cause your company serious financial and reputational harm if gone unchecked.
Stronger Strains? Ensure Your Cannabis Business has the Right Liability Insurance
April 29, 2021
As strains of marijuana grow more and more potent with consumer demand, it’s important to understand the potential liabilities your business may face if one of your patrons isn’t prepared for that stronger dose.
Does Your Cannabis Dispensary Offer Delivery? Here’s What You Should Know About Insuring Your Drivers. 
April 26, 2021
If your cannabis dispensary offers home or curbside delivery, it is crucial to understand the associated risks that come with providing such services. 
Legalization & Social Equity in 2021: Rec Cannabis in NJ, VA, NY, & NM
April 12, 2021
As we enter April, 2021, there are plenty of things to be excited about in the world of legal cannabis and its associated social equity initiatives.
Cannabis Dispensaries in 2021: The Top 4 Compliance Oversights
March 15, 2021
Your cannabis dispensary sales may be booming, but if your business fails to stay in compliance with the strict and ever-evolving regulations required to operate, you could be risking everything.
Cannabis Arrests: Social Equity in Major Disproportionately Impacted Areas
March 2, 2021
The legal cannabis industry has experienced unprecedented growth within the past decade, bringing with it many consequences (both positive and negative) for the industry itself and the communities directly affected by decades of harmful policy and unfair arrests.
Product Liability for Cannabis Dispensaries
February 26, 2021
Product liability insurance is an important, yet often-overlooked insurance coverage for cannabis dispensaries.
"The War on Drugs" & Cannabis
January 28, 2021
Here at NACB, we believe that social equity is crucial in order to create and maintain a fair legal cannabis market in the United States, for all citizens.
Social Equity Check: Cannabis Record Expungement Programs in Legal States
November 25, 2020
A healthy industry is one that values and promotes social equity alongside the ideals of ethics and business responsibility. Let's assess the progress specific legal states have made in efforts to right some of the wrongs caused by unfair conviction.
Cannabis History: The Impact of Prohibition
November 10, 2020
The NACB was founded in order to advance the industry by establishing agreed-upon standards in best practices and business responsibility.