The NACB is a self-regulatory organization devoted to transparency, accountability, and legal and regulatory compliance in the cannabis industry. The NACB and its members are committed to building a successful and profitable industry that promotes public health and safety, ethical conduct, corporate responsibility, and social justice. 


The NACB supports a robust, well-regulated, transparent, compliant, diverse and ethical cannabis industry. The NACB and its members achieve these goals by creating and enforcing regulations for its members, providing expert counsel, facilitating access to professional and financial services, and deploying technology to serve the needs of members and other stakeholders. The NACB’s members are national leaders that are responsibly growing the cannabis industry while remaining committed to basic principles that reflect public expectations and model corporate citizenship.

NACB members distinguish themselves in the industry by:

  • Operating ethically and safely
  • Developing and adhering to consistent regulations that are responsive to the demands of a changing industry and the public’s concerns, regardless of jurisdiction
  • Complying with state and local laws, as well as federal guidance
  • Maintaining complete and accurate financial records
  • Structuring business activities to be transparent
  • Listening to and addressing the public’s concerns about the cannabis industry
  • Improving diversity in industry ownership and employment
  • Educating the consumer, public, and media about cannabis