Benefits of membership for professional services businesses

If you’re a cannabis lawyer, marijuana business consultant, grow accountant, creative or another professional working in cannabis, joining the NACB is your most strategic move. Membership in the NACB gives you access to the only B2B community in U.S. cannabis that vets its members to be responsible, trustworthy and compliant – just the kinds of clients you’d like to work with. Established and new cannabis companies, cannabis startups and cannabis license holders are part of our growing network, as well as ancillary cannabis business suppliers and cannabis investors. 

 NACB membership also keeps you on top of emerging trends and the future of cannabis through exclusive symposiums, access to industry experts, insight into national cannabis standards, and an online tool for tracking cannabis industry legislation. 

  • Cannabis professionals who should join: 
  • Physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals working in cannabis 
  • cannabis business attorneys 
  • cannabis financial advisors 
  • dispensary lawyers  
  • grow and build law firms 
  • cannabis architect 
  • grow marketing agencies 
  • grow accounting firms 
  • HR professionals working in cannabis 

Take your professional services business to the next level by joining the NACB today. 

$150/MONTH OR $1,500/YEAR