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Membership in the NACB helps you rise above the rest. We're the only cannabis membership organization that vets our members for responsibility, trust and compliance. NACB membership is the leading symbol of integrity in the industry. NACB offers annual memberships that cost $1,000.

Why Licensed Cannabis Businesses Join The NACB

We’ve assembled all the essentials you need to thrive in the cannabis space. Keep costs low with access to industry best practices and our exclusive member discount program. Find insurance, trusted suppliers and potential partners in our B2B network. We’ve also got you covered with education, certifications, legislative tracking and your voice on national standards. In so many ways, the most trusted credential in cannabis is your most dynamic business advantage.

Cannabis Industry Suppliers Choose the NACB

NACB membership gives you the access and tools you need to stand out as one of the best suppliers in the cannabis industry. Attend NACB events and symposiums to stay informed and to network with the industry’s most trusted licensed cannabis businesses. Use the brand-making NACB Seal of Approval on your website. Monitor cannabis legislation with NACB Signals. Every aspect of your NACB membership will help you deliver more value to your clients and expand your business.

The NACB For Cannabis Industry Professionals

NACB membership can help you connect with high-quality clients throughout the cannabis industry. We offer discounted options on certifications and exclusive education events that keep you tuned in to emerging trends and opportunities. We’re the industry association professionals choose to build their book of business.

Hemp Businesses & The NACB Advantage

In the rapidly evolving cannabis environment, information is the key currency for hemp businesses. Your NACB membership gives you access to vetted industry players, interactive legislative tracking, comprehensive RSS news feeds and exclusive education events, in addition to all of the tangible business tools. Stay engaged in the conversation and position your business to grow with the NACB.

Cannabis Allies Are Shaping The Future With NACB

Bring your voice to the table as we shape the future of cannabis into a reliable, safe and trustworthy industry. Your NACB membership gives you access to vetted industry players and the information you need to push the conversation forward  through comprehensive RSS news feeds, interactive legislation tracking and exclusive education events. Build your reputation as a credible cannabis ally and leverage tangible business tools when you join the NACB community today.


A badge of honor & so much more

Responsibility. Trustworthiness. Compliance. Your cannabis business is all of these and more, but how well are you known for them? Bring the message home to consumers, partners, prospects and regulators with the NACB Medallion, a symbol that lets stakeholders know you operate at the highest levels of ethics and responsibility. The NACB Medallion on your website, on your packaging and in your place of business sets you apart. It shows you’re committed to lasting relationships and ethical business in the cannabis industry.

Membership Benefits

National Standards ‘Industry Best Practices’

The NACB collaborates with members and cannabis industry experts to carefully craft innovative best practices for NACB Members to adopt and adhere to in the hopes of creating the safest and most compliant space for cannabis users, business owners and professionals.

Access to the NACB Portal

NACB Members receive exclusive access to a Members Only Portal hosting a network of vetted industry players, comprehensive RSS news feeds and a platform to discuss NACB National Standards.

Education Perks Generated by Green Flower Media

NACB Members receive one free certificate (Fundamentals, Cultivation, Patient Care, Sell-Smart, Law, Business, Medical Applications, Advocacy Extraction or investor essentials) and discounts on all Green Flower Media platform tools and services.

Insurance Perks Generated by Bolton

On average, the NACB Members benefit from 20% lower premiums in both risk management and cannabis coverage. Members also receive a free consultation on existing coverage to ensure that their businesses are fully covered.

Member Discount Program Generated by botaniCo

NACB Members receive complimentary access to the NACB Member Discount Program which offers discounts to 70+ nationwide suppliers like Dell, Cintas, Grainger, Lowes, Staples and FedEx.

NACB Events 

NACB Members receive invites to exclusive symposiums designed to provide resources, insight and education into the cannabis industry. These events are sponsored, co-hosted and organized by top industry brands and are motivated to help you network with other like-minded professionals in the industry.

Elevated Legitimacy 

The NACB Medallion tells your audience and consumers that you operate at a higher level. Post the NACB Medallion on your website and in your business to show that you are responsible, trustworthy and compliant.


Be a leader in fighting for federal and state policies that benefit consumers and the cannabis industry. We give NACB members a platform for effective grassroots action in support of legalization and progressive regulatory policy.

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