You're a key part of a supply chain that is changing at the speed of global technology.

Your position in the cannabis supply chain comes with its own set of challenges. How do you let customers know they can trust your products? Where can you find cannabis growers you can trust?  How do you keep up with changing legislation and important developments? How do you impact the future of the industry that you are dedicated to?

The NACB is your exclusive community of licensed cannabis businesses. We’re the only cannabis membership organization that vets our members for being responsible, trustworthy and compliant.  

NACB membership is open to all types of manufacturers and processors, including: 

  • Cannabis contract manufacturers 
  • Infused product manufacturers 
  • Companies producing cannabis oil 
  • Large-scale ethanol extraction operations 
  • Coldfinger extraction companies 
  • Hemp manufacturing companies 
  • Hemp processing companies 

Join the NACB to become part of the cannabis business network known for its integrity.