NACB Symposiums


The NACB hosts a series of exclusive, day-long symposiums on the most pressing cannabis trends in the industry like banking, finance, insurance, investment, marketing, hiring and security. NACB Symposiums feature presentations delivered by many of the world’s premier law, accounting, marketing, human resources and advisory firms. Each limited-attendance event also affords the opportunity for meaningful networking and one-on-one dialogue. With the NACB, you have access to type of top tier experts that can make a real difference in your business.

Growers and Cultivators

Here's what you'll gain:

- Build brand credibility by adhering to the NACB’s National Standards in Advertising, Packaging and Labeling and (soon) Laboratory Testing

- Explore potential business relationships with other vetted NACB members including investors, cannabis labs, manufacturers and dispensaries

- Build your knowledge of cannabis grower licensing, selling to dispensaries, cannabis testing standards, and cannabinoid grower business plans

For firms who are starting to explore the cannabis space, NACB Symposiums will ensure that your firm will not sit on the sidelines as the industry grows. Plus, you’ll receive access to experienced and knowledgeable partners to serve as a resource when the time is right.

Participation in an NACB Symposium offers a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing, networking, and business development among the best in the business.

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