With the changing political and regulatory climate related to cannabis, hemp businesses are on the cusp of exciting new opportunities to expand their business, and to get into the cannabis industry. Whether you’re a farmer, hemp processor or manufacturer or another key link in the industrial hemp supply chain, you can position your business for accelerated growth with membership in the NACB.  

The NACB is a self-governing organization that vets its members to be responsible, trustworthy and compliant. Your membership opens the doors to an exclusive B2B network of vetted businesses and suppliers who value the same high standards you do.

Leverage your NACB membership to
- Explore potential business relationships with other vetted NACB members including hemp businesses, investors, and licensed cannabis business owners

- Access knowledge and resources to build your hemp business

- Stay informed on the regulatory environment with NACB Signals, on online tool for tracking cannabis and hemp industry legislation

Prepare your hemp business for the brightest future possible with membership in the NACB.


Explore Hemp Businesses Benefits

Here's what you gain:

- Participation in the NACB’s exclusive online B2B community of licensed cannabis business owners, investors and individuals working in the industry

- Be visible and searchable on and in NACB social media and marketing

- Invitations to NACB Symposiums, an exclusive opportunity to raise your business profile, build your network of clients and prospects and find resources for your business

- Access to NACB Signals, an online tool for tracking cannabis industry legislation

- Learn from gated thought leadership on today’s issues and emerging trends

- Industry updates via NACB events,, social channels, and newsletters

- Opportunity to give input and vote on national cannabis standards  


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