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The Badge of Honor For Responsible Cannabis Businesses

A badge of honor & so much more

Responsible. Trustworthy. Compliant. Your cannabis business is all of these and more, but how well are you known for them? Bring the message home to consumers, partners, prospects and regulators with the NACB Medallion, a symbol that lets stakeholders know you operate at the highest levels of ethics and responsibility. The NACB Medallion on your website, on your packaging and in your place of business sets you apart. It shows you’re committed to lasting relationships and ethical business in the cannabis industry.
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Our Executive Staff


Gina Kranwinkel

President/Chief Executive Officer


Mark Gorman

Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer


Tom Nolasco

Director of Legal and Strategic Initiatives


Katia Baires

Digital Marketing Manager


Meggan Hau

Operations Manager


Dr. Mary Clifton

Cannabis Clinical and Research Advisor


Geoffrey Gallegos

Legal Research Specialist


Tim Krueger

Business Development Specialist


Ashley Manning

Strategic Advisor

Events and Appearances

NACB thrives on being active in the industry. We will be hosting and attending many events this year. Take a look at our calendar and join us at an event near you.
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