Doctor's Lounge - 2nd Thursday Monthly

Blazers & Blazers - 3rd Thursday Monthly

Happy Hour - Last Thursday Monthly

Doctor's Lounge - 2nd Thursday Monthly

Blazers & Blazers - 3rd Thursday Monthly

Happy Hour - Last Thursday Monthly

Doctor's Lounge - 2nd Thursday Monthly

Blazers & Blazers - 3rd Thursday Monthly

Happy Hour - Last Thursday Monthly

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Credential In Cannabis Compliance

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Who Is

What Is NACB?

To shape the legal cannabis market into a safe, responsible, and ethical industry.
The NACB is shaping the future of the cannabis industry. We partner with subject matter experts and our verified network of the most innovative, professional and trustworthy cannabis businesses and affiliates. Together, we work to establish national standards and best practices to ensure consumer safety and business responsibility.
What the Medallion Represents
Responsible. Trustworthy. Compliant. Your cannabis business is all of these and more, but how well are you known for them? Bring the message home to consumers, partners, prospects and regulators with the NACB Medallion, a symbol that lets stakeholders know you operate at the highest levels of ethics and responsibility. The NACB Medallion on your website, on your packaging and in your place of business sets you apart. It shows you’re committed to lasting relationships and ethical business in the cannabis industry.



nacb testimonials jack danks blue eye defense

Tyler Aldridge

Founder & CEO
Design Kush

We like how NACB vets all of its members, which establishes a trusted community right out of the gate.  Their events both live and digital have been unique, artful, and inclusive. The community is absolutely amazing and supportive, and you will not find a more intelligent and collaborative group of people that are truly passionate about cannabis.

nacb testimonials ac moon croptop greenhouses


Croptops Greenhouses LLC

As a new member to NACB, I have enjoyed the connectivity and support shown by the association. Within national and global platforms, there is a need to "Due Diligence" on each aspect of this newly governed industry.  The National Association of Cannabis Business provides sound investigation of its participants and helps sculpt a trustworthy standard in which all cannabis businesses should adhere to.  I look forward to being able to further incite honorable alliances and assist each other as we navigate the molding of a world changing industry.

nacb testimonials julie herzog fortis law partners

Julie Herzog

Fortis Law Partners

The NACB’s National Standards are the gold standard for doing business in the cannabis industry. I would advise all cannabis businesses who want to operate at the highest level of ethics and responsibility to review each of these standards carefully and put operating protocols in place to ensure compliance Self-regulation through adherence to the NACB National Standards is one of the best ways to protect your business and build trust.

nacb testimonials jack danks blue eye defense

Jack Danks

National Account Executive
Blue Eye Defense

Joining the NACB was a great experience for Blue Eye.  After a few strategic conversations to make sure this was a good fit for both companies, the on boarding process was seamless and easy. 

nacb testimonials marshall varano cohn reznick

Marshall Varano

Certified Public Accountant
Cohn Reznick

I joined the NACB because I wanted to be part of an organized cannabis business networking group.  I feel that the NACB is a very professional organization connecting those in the industry via informative webinars, in person events and just providing a collaborative forum for its members.  Ashley does a fantastic job in managing this entire process.  I have connected with a few members and developed more extensive business relationships.

nacb testimonials marshall varano cohn reznick
Christopher D. Mandracchia, Esq.
Attorney at Law

As a lawyer in a highly regulated industry without much precedent, the NACB has been very helpful. National Standards are needed in the cannabis industry to ensure safety and quality. The tools and resources provided by the NACB, especially during this pandemic, have been very helpful to my business. I have participated in the review of standards that have been established and adopted by the NACB. The process was great, and I learned a lot from others in the process. I hope NACB continues to advocate and re-educate the public about cannabis. I am very thankful to be a part of this great cannabis association.

nacb testimonials dana workman cannakids

Dana Workman

Director of Patient Education

Cannabis industry - if you or your organization has not already done so, please join the NACB. These guys truly have a wonderful connected community with like-minded folks, vetted businesses and women like Ashley Manning who go to bat for you and your needs daily!

nacb testimonials heather allman

Heather Allman

Medical Cannabis Journalist

Your future in the cannabis industry can begin with the single step of enrolling in a NACB-sponsored certification program at Green Flower today! Your future in Cannabis made easier and more secure with your own certificate of completion in hand, giving you a competitive edge.

nacb testimonials jennifer whetzel ladyjane branding

Jennifer Whetzel

Lady Jane Branding

The NACB standards play a critical role in the emerging cannabis industry ecosystem. They provide trusted resources and networking opportunities for companies committed to operating ethically.

NACB Members

We represent the most safe, responsible and ethical licensed cannabis businesses, industry suppliers, professionals and allies working in the cannabis space.Join us and help shape the future of cannabis.

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NACB thrives on being active in the industry. We will be hosting and attending many events this year. Take a look at our calendar and join us at an event near you.
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