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Membership in the NACB tells regulators, consumers and the industry that you operate at the highest levels of ethics and responsibility.

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What Is NACB?

To shape cannabis into a safe, responsible, and ethical industry.

To give a voice to cannabis businesses and provide them the tools to grow & thrive in the industry. The NACB is shaping the future of the cannabis industry as we partner with subject matter experts and our verified network of the most innovative, professional and trustworthy cannabis companies. Together, we establish national standards and best practices to ensure consumer safety and business responsibility.



Tyler Aldridge

Chief Operating Officer

I just finished the fundamentals course! Their content is amazingly thoughtful and thorough. I had a great time learning about cannabinoids, the ECS, terpenes and more. That's so awesome NACB partnered with them. Can't decide what course to do next.

Dana Workman

Director of Patient Education

Cannabis industry - if you or your organization has not already done so, please join the NACB. These guys truly have a wonderful connected community with like-minded folks, vetted businesses and women like Ashley Manning who go to bat for you and your needs daily!

Heather Allman

Medical Cannabis Journalist

Your future in the cannabis industry can begin with the single step of enrolling in a NACB-sponsored certification program at Green Flower today! Your future in Cannabis made easier and more secure with your own certificate of completion in hand, giving you a competitive edge.


We represent the most safe, responsible and ethical licensed cannabis businesses, industry suppliers, professionals and allies working in the cannabis space.Join us and help shape the future of cannabis.
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